The Brechin Group Inc. has provided digital conversion project management leadership on a number of well known international projects.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada hired Brechin to digitize all of the residential school film, documents, audio, video, maps and architectual drawings in storage. 

This three year project involved digitizing content located at four different Libraries and Archives Canada sites and five church archives across the country. Brechin wrote the digital imaging specifications, designed and implemented the digitzation process. The Brechin team consisted of over 50 people involved in the capture and post processing of this content. Great care was taken to ensure that all relevant material of residential schools from these archives were digitized. The resulting data is housed at the Truth and Reconciliation office at the University of Manitoba.

The Toul Sleng Genocide Muesum partnered with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to digitize the content of the museum in Cambodia. The museum has an extensive archive, which has been registered as part of Memory Register of the World by UNESCO in July, 2009. 

Digital Divide Data Inc. and The Brechin Group Inc. partnered to manage and implement the digitization of the museum content.

During this two year project, Brechin focused on the development of the imaging specifications and processes ensuring that the resulting files met international archiving standards. Brechin trained local Cambodians to digitize, post process, execute quality control protocols and operate independently. The resulting digital archives will be made available by the museum and UNESCO at a date to be determined.

Photo By: Simon Toffanello