The Brechin Group Inc. is a content conversion and digitization company using image science based processes to ensure the production of digital content meets international archiving standards. The company is recognized as a leader in providing high quality, low cost digitization services. 

Brechin has digitization centres in Ottawa, Gatineau and Toronto. The company also deploys its imaging teams on-site at customer locations across the country and around the world. Brechin offers off-site content storage security in the Ottawa region.

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Photo By: Simon Toffanello

Brechin brings over two decades of expertise in digitizing of film, documents, newspapers, microfilm, manuscripts and rare books.
Robert J. McComb, a co-founder of the company, has been involved in the science since the early research stages of digital imaging. With an extensive formal business background he holds issued imaging patents related to the quality parameters of digital imaging. A graduate of University of Toronto and attendee of the Wharton Executive Education program.

Jacqueline Vincent, a co-founder of the company, was an early pioneer in digital photography of museum artifacts. Over the years she has spoken at numerous conferences on the topics of digital conversion, image quality and special collections. She is a graduate of the Algonquin College Photography program and the Project Management program at University of Ottawa.​

As an innovator in mass digitization, the Brechin management team has developed unique imaging processing tools to ensure the digital conversions are at the highest fidelity. Brechin Imaging Technicians have been trained in the handling of rare and fragile material to ensure the original content be treated with the upmost care and respect. They take great pride in the quality of their work. All have College diplomas in the area of imaging science.

Brechin is a member of the society of Image and Science of Technology.

The Brechin operations team follows a series of documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The SOP's document the digitization process along with the quality performance measures. These quality metrics are recorded, tracked and available to be shared with the client. They include the use of many imaging tools, including resolution test targets.

Content owners can be assured that they are receiving the quality of the digital file as they're expecting. 

Brechin has been certified by the CAN-CGSB Standard 72.34-3005 Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence and CNA-CGSB Standard 72.11.93 Microfilm and Electronic Imaging as documentary evidence.